Screensaver xdating


xdating while maths?

When we think in comunication, we think in telephony, media, internet and so. Sometimes people use different ways of expressing theirselves. In those days I got a job at night. One of the common screensavers at that time was the text banner you can configure it to say anything. One day I saw “I need help” in the banner screensaver, and I dont know why, I decided to answer, and changed it to “help with what?”, thinking somebody in other work shift will read it as I did. And I was right. A new message was left in the screensaver: “help with mathematics”, and I get surprissed. She was a girl in the other work shift, and we started a chat using the screensaver. But its very hard to teach mathematics using a banner, so I decided to invite her to my apartment. She was very cute, so I decided to help her with her work for the university, but it ended in a xdating, and some weeks ago she was my girlfriend and like to use as well.
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